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5 things you'll want to do after your boudoir session

So you're taking the big leap and booked a boudoir shoot with me. Congratulations. I cannot wait to work with you, gorgeous! Here's a few things you should do after your session that aren't a part of the reveal process!

  1. Take selfies! Take some in your last outfit while I'm putting things away. I promise you are going to want to capture the glow you have after we've spent the last 3 hours hyping you up!

  2. Call your bestie! Because I double damn guarantee that she is waiting on pins and needles to hear how it all went. I've even had clients call their mothers! Selfishly this is for me too. Because sometimes a friend will wait for another friend to do the "scary" thing to take the uncertainty and fear away so they can do it too. You can always bring your bestie to your shoot to hype you up, even though I already provide a pretty rad hype girl.

  3. Drink water and eat a meal. Believe it or not, modeling is not as easy as it looks. I tell you in my prep guide to stretch before a session for very important reasons.... so it should make sense that you need to nourish your body for all it's hard work. Your muscles and brain will thank you.

  4. Journal about your feelings. If you are someone that likes to vlog/blog or old school writes in a tangible journal, this is a good time to sit and reflect on how much of a badass you are. You did something for YOU that may or may not have been out of your comfort zone and that's AMAZING. Document how you feel versus how you felt prior. Focus on the positive. If it's online and you wouldn't mind sharing.... slap that link in the VIP group to share your experience with other amazing women.

  5. Go on a date! (If single, take yourself out!) Look... you already have your hair and makeup done. You look sexy as fuck. You feel it too because your confidence is up in the clouds. Call up your boo thang and go get your flirt on. Just keep me in mind when he/she pops the question or someone ends up preggo. I also shoot engagements, weddings, maternity, Fresh 48 etc. I want to be there for all of your milestones!

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