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Lay-flat Leather Albums - $350

Beautifully simple from start to finish, Miller's Signature Album is up to 10 spreads (20 pages), multiple cover options all included in the price. Albums are leather bound in 4 colors - black, espresso, gray and white. You can add foil lettering on the cover and little messages on the inside. Typical turnaround for albums is  24 hours for design and sending to print, 1-2 days in lab. Albums are delivered via free FedEx next day.


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Mini Accordion Album - $100

12 panels (2.5"x3.5" mini); designed as pano spreads or individual panels - can hold up to 12 images. Linen cover in various colors including black, espresso, pastel pink, etc. Comes with frosted slip cover to protect.  Typical turnaround for albums is 1-2 days in lab.

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Other print options you can order through your proofing album

Simple Prints


Simple Mounts

Mounted items come in three types of print (lustre, glossy, and deep matte) with three options for mount - Black Standout, White Styrene, and Matboard.

8x10 $24-$68
8x12 $41-$89
11x14 $43-$106
12x18 $62-$136
16x20 $94-$193
Matboard not available for bigger prints:
16x24 $133-$287
20x30 $173-$372
24x30 $212-$520
24x36 $290-$772
30x40 $314-$818

Wood Prints

Give your prints a natural look with your image printed directly on real maple wood. 
8x8 $72
8x10 $82
11x14 $122
12x12 $116
16x16 $172
16x20 $202
16x24 $234
20x30 $334
24x36 $454
30x40 $604

Lustre, glossy and deep matte. 
4x6 $5-$6
5x7 $6-$8
8x10 $9-$11
8x12 $14-$18
11x14 $16-$21
12x18 $23-$30
16x20 $49-$66
16x24 $71-$95


Canvas Prints are a contemporary way to showcase your images, with or without a frame.

8x8 $180
8x10 $180
11x14 $223
12x12 $220
16x16 $282
16x20 $315
16x24 $352
20x30 $453
24x36 $514
30x40 $723


Using an innovative dye sublimation process, they are printed directly onto high quality aluminium for a lasting finish, while showing vibrant colors.
8x8 $58
8x10 $66
8x12 $74
11x14 $106
12x12 $98
16x16 $168
16x20 $200
16x24 $240
20x30 $378
24x36 $520
30x40 $682


Give your photos a modern and sleek look with Acrylic Print. A gloss finish print is face-mounted under crystal clear acrylic creating a wall product which is simply unmissable.
8x8 $86
8x10 $96
11x14 $142
12x12 $132
16x16 $205
16x20 $210
16x24 $238
20x30 $295
30x40 $591

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