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Denise, 29

"It was AMAZING. The photographs made me feel like I could be gorgeous no matter what."

An introduction from the photographer: If I am not mistaken, Denise was a referral client from her sister, Beth, who I shot some time prior. I remember liking her from the start because of her spunk and creativity in coming up with her own style for boudoir. I'll forever be in love with handmade tutus because of this. She indulged all of my ideas and brought more of her own (I LOVE THAT.) I cannot wait to shoot with her again... especially now that it's been a couple of years and my skills have grown. If she loved her first shoot, she's going to die when she does another!

From Denise: I've always been a little at ease with my fat. Yes, fat. I am not ashamed of the way I am anymore, and Kristy kinda helped with her amaze balls pictures. I was called fat growing up by family that should NEVER give you that. I was told I shouldn't eat that because it will make you gain weight and, even, you shouldn't wear that cause it makes you look fat. I have weird obsession with corsets and always have adored them. I always wore one with clothes under or over it. I was told I should never wear a corset without the clothes. My theory (at the time) was okay I'll do that. I wore my first corset without anything under or over it out in public a couple weeks before the shoot, just to see what people would say. I never got any bad comments to my face, but people did give me the look of 'you're to fat for that'.

After the photo shoot, I said f*ck it and wore one out that night (Kristy made me feel that comfortable).

I was a little nervous in getting the pictures back, but Kristy kept reassuring me that they were amazing. When I finally got to see them for the first time, my jaw hit the floor, they were absolutely perfect. I have shown them off more times than I can count, trying to get people to go to Kristy. When you go get this done (there is no IF only when), be sure to have at least one with a smile. Even if you're just messing around on a tire swing and Kristy gets a candid moment.

Testimonial: It was AMAZING. The photographs made me feel like I could be gorgeous no matter what.

Feedback for Kristy: Kristy will make you feel comfortable and at ease with the whole thing, including helping you in and out of corsets.

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