• Miranda Quellet

Miranda, 26

"When I got my pictures I absolutely loved them. I no longer felt horrible about my appearance."

An introduction from the photographer: This goddess was obviously feeling quite vulnerable at her shoot and self-conscious as hell. Her body language spoke volumes and it kind of broke my heart because HELLO GORGEOUS! Do you see that smile below? She has the most amazing eyes and the cutest post-baby tummy. Yes, tummies are cute. I'm so glad this shoot helped her see that her body hang-ups were completely unwarranted.

From Miranda: I wanted to do one of these for my husband. I have never liked my body at all. Mine was done after I had my baby so I still had baby weight so I really did not like my body. My sister went with me to pick out an outfit. She encouraged me about my outfit and aaid I looked beautiful. I disagreed but went with it anyway. When I first arrived to the shoot I was sooooo nervous I thought I was going to throw up. I came out and Kristy said I looked beautiful and she loved my outfit. She told me what poses to do and asked if I wanted any specific poses. Once I got into it I started to ease up with the help of her encouraging me throughout the shoot. When I got my pictures I absolutely loved them. I no longer felt horrible about my appearance. Kristy was extremely amazing and I would do another shoot with her in a heartbeat! She gave me the confidence to relax and enjoy myself! Thanks again for everything!

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