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Terina, 18

An introduction from the photographer: Terina was a referral client and one of the bubbliest clients I've had. I have done a couple of shoots for her older sister, Belinda (Hey girl, hey!) including boudoir and engagement shenanigans. Terina seemed pretty nervous and awkward at first (almost all my clients are), but she took direction well and laughed off all the awkwardness she felt. She's a recent high school graduate, is working towards college and has a baby on the way! I'm stoked for her future. I hope to get her back in the studio for a full session with full hair and makeup.

From Terina: Being A Bigger Girl Growing Up & Not Feeling The Confidence To Admire My Curves Was Always a Problem to Me. But Smiling & Laughing In front Of The Camera with Kristy Made it So Natural To Show Off Those Curves That I Hid For Soo Long. Waiting For That Email to see The Pictures Was Sooo Heart Stopping. And Then finally Looking At Them & Seeing That I’m Beautiful With My Curves, I Was Shocked That I Hid Them For Sooo Long. Totally Boosted My Self Esteem.

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