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Glambassador Belinda

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

REPRESENTING: Bay County, Florida

FAVORITE COLOR(s): Red, blue, teal, BLACK!!!

FAVORITE PHYSICAL FEATURE: My smile and my eyes.

FAVORITE PERSONALITY QUIRK: My dark sense of humor... some people don’t find it funny, but I think I’m hilarious.

MEASUREMENTS: 49.5/43/56


ALL ABOUT BELINDA: I am a 30 year old divorced mom of twin girls and a boy. I work in the food industry, for some reason can’t seem to get away from it. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my kids, we have found a new love for escape rooms. They test the brain power we have together and I’ve realized my kids are pretty smart. We as a family have taken up piano lessons and realized I am a lot better at it than I ever though I could be. I am an introvert until I get to know you then I will talk to you about anything.

BODY STRUGGLES: As a child/teenager I was always the bigger girl in my group of friends so I have always struggled with not being skinny and feeling like I didn’t fit in. As an adult I married and then dated very toxic people, they would call me fat and always talk about my weight or my appearance when we fought. They would call me a slut or whore if I wore anything that exposed any part of my body. They were abusive even in a physical manner which made me feel more worthless than ever. As a girl who was already struggling with self love it hurt to the forward I met Kristy over a Facebook post and she was trying out a new location and wanted girls to be her model. I decided fuck it why not, met her in a old building and she took some amazing pictures of me butt ass naked. This sparked an interest to have some more done but this time actually try for it. I book my first full session, she dolled me up, and that’s when it became an addiction. I realized in that moment behind that camera I didn’t have to hide from anyone. It didn’t matter if I was the “bigger girl”, what mattered is my happiness. I realized I am beautiful in my own skin. After having twins I can’t expect to have that perfect body, whatever that is anyways, I have to love my body as it is. I have grown to love myself with the help of not only Kristy but the other women in our group, some true dedication to myself, cutting out all toxic people in my life, divorce and many other breakups. Some days I still struggle with thinking of my body looked this way I would be more happy but then I snap back to reality go searching through my photos and remember that time I was brave enough to step behind a camera and how it changed my world.

BUCKET LIST: Go sky diving, run a 5k, travel travel and more travel.

Why did you want to be a Glambassador? I wanted to be able to inspire other “bigger” women to love themselves as they are. I wanted to be able to prove to the abused women that it’s not over. You can overcome it, you can love again, you will be worth it to someone. Want to be able to share my story in hopes to help just one person overcome what I have had to overcome, get them behind the camera and find the self love for themselves.

To chat with Belinda about her boudoir experience or to ask for tips, tag her in a post in the Charming Pixels VIP Facebook group that you would like to be messaged privately or just post your question so others can benefit from the responses. She's an admin and will see your post and respond in a timely manner.

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