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Glambassador Loretta


FAVORITE COLOR(s): Blue, Green, Camo, Pink, Black


FAVORITE PERSONALITY QUIRK: Extremely loyal and will do anything for their friends/family.



ALL ABOUT LORETTA: I am a mother of three amazing teenagers. I work full time in the food industry. I absolutely love being a mother, hunting, fishing, anything on it in water, cooking & baking, doing boudoir and pin up photos. I get along with most everyone. I try to always make others smile and laugh. Sometimes, I like to be left in my own little world, who doesn't? In this past year, I have realized a very important lesson in life. I know most already have learned, but I have realized life is honestly too short. We have to enjoy the ones we love while we can. We have to enjoy our lives. This realization was hard for me to accept because it makes my heart happy to see others happy.

BODY STRUGGLES: I have had struggles of being abused mentally, physically, verbally. It came to a point, I absolutely hated myself. The way I looked, dressed, felt like I was just here in this world and no one cared etc. But as being a mother, I have no choice to give up. I made a promise to my children that I will be with them as long as I possibly can. They are my rock when I need them so I'm gonna continue to be theirs until my last breathe. I have got away and cut out ALL toxic people in my life and refuse to let them back in for anything. I got with Kristy and said "Let's do some boudoir pictures". Little did I know with her giggles and her being so bubbly and fun girl time, was it not only fun and took my mind off of everything that others has made me believe about myself, but when I seen my pictures I was completely speechless. All of my pictures are priceless memories as they are reflections of the pain I have been through, but also reflect the fun moments when I can remember things that was going on during my shoot.

BUCKET LIST: One day, I want to go see real snow, I want to go see real mountains. To do more boudoir photos with Kristy.

Why did you want to be a Glambassador? I wanted to become a Glambassador because I wanted to help build other women up. A lot of women are like me - hard on themselves, might be abused and have no will power. I want to help make a difference. All women are beautiful inside and out. Once we realize this about ourselves, we have a glow that is priceless.

To chat with Loretta about her boudoir experience or to ask for tips, tag her in a post in the Charming Pixels VIP Facebook group that you would like to be messaged privately or just post your question so others can benefit from the responses. She's an admin and will see your post and respond in a timely manner.

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