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Glambassador Meaghan

Updated: Jul 14, 2021


FAVORITE COLOR(s): Black and jewel tones





ALL ABOUT MEAGHAN: My name is Meaghan Burnett. I am married to my wonderful husband, Kristofer, and I’m a mom of 2 boys. I work at Anchorage Children’s Home where I am a Care Manager. I graduated from Troy University in 2016 where I earned my Bachelor’s in psychology. I enjoy reading, writing, puzzles, going to the beach, and making things (t-shirts & decals, etc) on my Cricut! I also have a HUGE obsession with Harry Potter and Disney! I’m pretty introverted, but I can be sociable when the situation calls for it. My pet peeves are whistling and poor grammar. I cannot abide poor grammar. In the last year, I am most proud of having the strength to divorce my ex-husband and finally leave that abusive relationship.

BODY STRUGGLES: I have struggled with self-confidence & self-love most of my life. It is still a daily struggle, as I feel that I’m not where I want to be and am unlearning some unhealthy coping mechanisms. Over the past few years, the things that have helped me most to work on this is support from very close friends, cutting out toxic people, and THERAPY. I am also learning the importance of setting firm boundaries with people you love, and that although it’s hard, it brings a lot of respect and understanding to the relationship.

BUCKET LIST: I want to travel to every state in the US and some European countries. I want to go on a food tour around the US!

Why did you want to be a Glambassador? I wanted to be a Glambassador because of what they represent. A group of strong, beautiful women that are supportive of each other and help to build up not only each other but the other women around them. The Glambassadors are very body positive and promote the view that just because a woman does not fit into society’s view of how a woman ‘should’ look does not mean she is any less beautiful. Flowers and Christmas lights are both beautiful, but they look nothing alike.

To chat with Meaghan about her boudoir experience or to ask for tips, tag her in a post in the Charming Pixels VIP Facebook group that you would like to be messaged privately or just post your question so others can benefit from the responses. She's an admin and will see your post and respond in a timely manner.

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