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Glambassador LaLa

REPRESENTING: Panama City Beach

FAVORITE COLOR(s): Pink, Red, Black

FAVORITE PHYSICAL FEATURE: Hmmm...that’s a hard one...I guess I’m pretty proud of this booty though 😻

FAVORITE PERSONALITY QUIRK: I love to make people laugh and I consider myself a pretty funny chick.



ALL ABOUT LALA: Talking about yourself is actually a little harder to do than I thought, but here it goes. Everyone calls me LaLa, I’m a 39-year-old mother of 4 extremely handsome sons (twins 20, 16, & 14). I became a mom pretty early in life so, I’m finally starting to live and experience life in a different way. I’ve always been extremely independent and strong because I try and learn from every mistake and wrong turn I make. I’ve had many different job paths in my life. I have been a successful magazine publisher, bartender, bar manager, and club partner/promoter. Currently, I am the General Manager/Bartender at Whiskeys Saloon in PCB and I’m enrolled in school to become a fully licensed esthetician and will graduate in July 2020. I love shooting pool, working out, beaching, boating, shopping, and traveling. I’ve been to the APA World Championship Pool tourney in Vegas 2 years in a row for a team tournament. I’m also a published curvy model and have been featured on a billboard, in magazines, and various social media sites. Some part time fun for me, is being a brand ambassador and social media influencer for Charming Pixels Photography and Juicy Body Goddess Fashion. In the last year I’ve overcome a lot of emotional trauma and brought myself out of a really dark place a couple of times. I found myself again and that’s been really nice. I don’t know exactly who this me is yet but I really like her, and I want her to stay.

BODY STRUGGLES: Body confidence is NOT something I’ve always had...but here I am scantily dressed and you would think I’ve always owned it...BUT I haven’t. The truth is sometimes I still battle with confidence and personal insecurities, we all do. I’m loving me and every inch of it these days. I heard that fat is the new No but SERIOUSLY...I’ve definitely started eating and living better. Working out has been an incredible stress reliever these past few months.

BUCKET LIST: I want to take a trip to Italy with someone I love.

Why did you want to be a Glambassador? From the moment I met Kristy, I knew I loved her. But when I got in front of her camera for the first time, she made magic happen. She brought a confidence and sexy back to me that I thought I had lost. I was about 50 lbs. heavier at the time too. I felt comfortable, relaxed, and you could tell because the pictures turned out epic. They actually got me started in my curvy model venture. Kristy is not only professional but she is helpful. Anything from hair & makeup ideas to outfit consultation she is there!! So what better way to help then to become an advocate and a consultant for someone that brings sexy back to every client she has. I have a gift for helping too ladies and that’s what we’re here for so let me know if you have questions or need makeup done, outfit selections or shopping sources.

To chat with LaLa about her boudoir experience or to ask for tips, tag her in a post in the Charming Pixels VIP Facebook group that you would like to be messaged privately or just post your question so others can benefit from the responses. She's an admin and will see your post and respond in a timely manner.

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