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Sara's experience


In the days leading up to my shoot I was nervous and worried I would not do a good job. The hours leading up to my shoot I was excited but also nervous because it was my first time ever doing a shoot and I didn't know how I would do and felt like I could literally vomit lol. In the minutes leading up to it I was finally comfortable because of Kristy. I swear she has this calming vibe about her and just knows what to say to make you comfortable and ready to conquer your shoot and look bomb ass like the diva queen you are. I cant wait to do this again so that I can continue to realize that I am absolutely gorgeous and always have been. Thank you Kristy for helping me to realize the goddess I am and have always been with your help I finally know it.


During my shoot I felt silly, playful, comfortable in my own skin for once in my life. I felt like the beautiful goddess my husband has always told me I am even though I never felt it before. I felt silly and that helped me listen and do the poses that Kristy was explaining for me to do and to be able to laugh at my mistakes because being this big girl I am, I made quite a few lol. I felt playful and that was thanks to Kristy being silly with me and making me laugh. I finally felt comfortable in my own skin and was able to know that my pictures were going to come out great and I couldn't freaking wait to be able to see them and order them so that my husband could enjoy them.


At first I seriously did not think that the first edit Kristy sent me was me to think that I could actually look like that is amazing to me. Once I got the rest of the edits I seriously thought WOW I look amazing I did that I look beautiful. I couldn't wait to show my husband and see his reaction. I cried because of how Kristy helped me to realize that I can do this and look amazing doing it. I had so many emotions going through knowing that the pictures I was looking at were me and that I actually looked amazing in every single one of them. As my husband said Kristy knew which of my assets to highlight and did it so well. Seeing my husband cry when he got to see the final pictures in the beautiful album Kristy designed was my dream come true.


That I am a freaking goddess, I am a freaking bad bitch, I am freaking beautiful in the skin I am in and always have been I just needed to realize this for myself. I feel like I conquered the freaking world even though it was just me conquering my fears and showing myself how beautiful and worthy I am of the way my husband feels about me. I have learned that I need to not talk down about myself and know that everyone is beautiful in their own skin. I learned to believe people when they say that you are beautiful because even if you don't see it yourself doesn't mean it isn't true just remember you are seen differently by others then how you see yourself. I love myself even more then I ever did after doing this shoot thank you so much Kristy can not wait to book my next shoot.


I felt put at ease by Kristy just welcoming me in her home. During the shoot I would have to be just feeling like a goddess and bad bitch that I should have already known in the first place and then leaving on cloud nine ready to go home to my loving husband and telling him thank you for always telling me how beautiful I am in every way.


DO IT! This was the best experience of my life I have finally learned to love myself for me and Kristy was a big part of that in the way she encouraged me and complimented me. I did the payment plan which helped me to take my time and get ready before I paid in full and scheduled my shoot. Make sure to get one outfit that will help you to come out of your comfort zone.

Find Sara in the Charming Pixels VIP group. You can see her reaction to her photos here. She also posted a video in the group of her husband's reaction here.

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